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Starfleet Personnel Maz

Name Cael Maz

Position Ships Designer

Rank Starfleet Personnel

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill Joined
Age 59
Rank Commodore

Physical Appearance

Height 6 foot 1 inch
Weight 205 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel Green
Physical Description This man dawns the mark of a structured face. His eyes mark signs of eagerness to progress forward, but with a hint of tiredness inside. His hazel-green eyes stand out above all his features. Along the side of his face, run the marks of the Trill. On the right side of his face are old burn marks that are lightly visible. Never lacking in energy, he still has a spur in his step; perhaps that's how he keeps his athletic build. His hair is short, almost militaristic in fashion but with spikes in it. His hair is dark brown, not unlike his spots. His stance is one of discipline, notes that at one time, perhaps, he had been trained to focus on everything around him. Two words describe his right hand, worked in. Though it may seem to have been roughed up, it's steady as a rock.


Spouse Emma Jane Kuna (Deceased) Murdered
Children Jessica Kuna (Deceased) Murdered
Father Torell Cael Kuna (Deceased) Murdered
Mother Christia Preis Kuna (Deceased) Murdered
Sister(s) Caelyn Christia Kuna, Echo Teig (Sister in law)
Other Family Lustan Yato - CLASSIFIED Jack Carson - CLASSIFIED Adelaide Carson - CLASSIFIED

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses - Alcoholic - Fear of losing himself in the moment - the loss of his family - Overall age of symbiont has caused more separation of who’s who

+Determination + Spirit +Wisdom
Ambitions To move on with his life and right the wrongs he has done some how by almost any means nessary.
Hobbies & Interests They have taken to the habit of Zero-G training and paintball. Also likes to cook for everyone as well as host events on board.

Personal History History of Maz: File 31 Section 12 - CLASSIFIED DATA - ACCESS RESTRICTED - PERMISSION DENIED

Cael Michael Kuna was born on a freighter about twenty light-years out from Trill while his parents were working as scientists aboard the USS Normandy. He was born to Commander Torell Cael Kuna, father at 28, and Lieutenant Commander Christia Preis Kuna, mother at 23. His father’s field of study rested in astronavigation and extra stellar phenomena where he spent most of his time inside the astronavigation cortex of the vessel. His mother worked as a fighter pilot for Starfleet. She served as the Flight Control Commander for the USS Normandy. Having been a science vessel, she often spent time working with Cael's father on recon missions as well as surveys of planetary bodies.

When Cael reached the age of 10, the family left the USS Normandy and worked at the Trill Science Academy teaching the various skills they had acquired. Cael started school at that time and was very interested in the fields his parents studied. He continued his education with honors. On graduation from high school, he was offered a position to be host to a symbiont. He accepted and began a 2-year program with the T.S.A.

After being the 2 years were finished, Cael was selected to be host to the Maz symbiont. Maz had several hosts prior to Cael. Little did he know that he was hand-selected by Maz himself from the list of candidates. So after the surgery was complete, new developments between the two became apparent. When speaking to others, they never used the first-person perspective. They referred to themselves as 'We', 'Cael', Or 'Maz' but never in the singular. This was thought to be odd as no other hosts or symbionts had interacted this way. Studies were done to see if a connection was faulty or if there were any adverse chemical or biochemistry flaws. None were detected and Cael Maz was released to the world.

From there they went on to study on Trill at the Starfleet Academy where he also trained with the Trill Science Academy. He spent 4 years training there where he received honors in Astrometrics.

From here he spent eight years in Starfleet Academy graduating in the top five percent in his class. There he studied in various fields ending in command courses. No specific degree was issues or focus.


After the events on Cardassia in 2375 at the end of the Dominion war, Cael slipped into early retirement having lost his family at the hands of an unknown assailant. For 20 years he consulted with Starfleet on various projects but eventually stayed out of the politics until Maz’s pet project was greenlit by Starfleet Engineering Corp. The past 5 years he has spent working on an Iconian version of a Slipstream drive. Despite Starfleet's best attempts at providing a newer hull, he was forced to make do with modifying a Raven class vessel for his purposes.
Service Record Service Record:

Cael’s service record is as follows:

Trill Science Academy - Four years
Starfleet Academy - Eight years


Section 31 - Maz History

Hesian Maz (M) - Tactical Specialist
Jehah Maz (M) - Musician
Catlai Maz (F) - Diplomat
Jehan Maz (M) - Engineer
Frena Maz (F) - Doctor
Christopher (Fenail) Maz (M) - Cultural Studies of Alien Planets (Long Term Assignment - Earth) Earth Year 2007 - 2041
Korenth Maz (F) - Computer (A.I.) Designer
Torella Maz (F) - Section 31 Founder - On record as Science Specialist
Jenha Maz (M) - A.I. Designer
Tessa Maz (F) - Weapons Specialist and Hand to Hand Combat
Joha Maz (F) - A.I. Designer
Cael Maz (M) - Section 31 Operative/Founder - Ground Troop

The Maz Symbiote was the one that chose its host rather than the Trill Symbiont Commission.
Cael is to be the last host to Maz due to the age of the symbiont.

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