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Starfleet Personnel Ronan Channe

Name Ronan Channe

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Starfleet Personnel

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Mesni
Age 33
Rank Captain

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Black/Shoulder Length
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description Tanned and well-muscled, wears his hair shoulder length, with blue eyes.


The Mesni are a race of shapechangers who are capable of one shift that is passed biologically from parent to child. Thus, the type of shift can differ from one line to another. In Ronan's family line the closest comparison would be canis lupis ( or wolf). Size would be similar to a young Bengal Tiger (since weight remains the same in either form).

In wolf form:
- Crushing pressure of 1500 lbs/square inch (incisors are long, sharp, and slightly curved)
- Structure behind the retina, called the tapetum lucidum, is mirror-like and enables better night vision by reflecting light that has not already been absorbed by the eye a second time to help produce a brighter image. The tapetum lucidum causes the eyes to glow if a light is shown directly at them.
- Can run up to 40 miles/hour and keep up the pace for hours on end
- Scent glands located in the paws; can release an odor that can be analyzed and tracked by pawing or scratching the ground or trees
- Excellent hearing. Can hear as much as six miles away in the forest and ten miles away in the open. Can hear well up to a frequency of 80 khz.
- Taste receptors for the four taste categories -- salty, bitter, sweet and acidic. Smell plays a large part in the way that food 'tastes'.
- Distance at which a scent can be detected is governed by atmospheric conditions, 1.75 miles is the limit.

Note: Shape Changing is not something he shares easily. Rather, it's an intensely personal experience. He's more likely to go camping on his own, in wolf form, and, to-date, the only one he's permitted to get that close to him is Ba'zra Jennings.


Spouse Ba'zra Jennings
Children None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ronan is a survivor who was forced by circumstances to mature early. He's not one to show how much it hurts. Stab him in the back and he'll take the hit, get up, and keep going with a smile. Not the type to ever let you see him grieve. That's a private thing. He has both strength and endurance because you need that to be a survivor. Still, his life has taught him an appreciation for the good moments because he knows from personal experience that they aren't a given. An understanding of how cruel people can be has given him the ability to live in the moment and committed him to living life on his own terms. He will never be chained again. He's learned how to find strength in the dark periods of life and while his early childhood turned him into a loner who values his solitude, he's come to recognize the importance of 'pack'.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- The patience of a born hunter. You can't draw a reaction out of him, he chooses how he'll respond.
- Clever, tactically minded, good at out of the box thinking.
- Has learned to embrace his unique nature though it's been something of a struggle. Doesn't feel intimidated and doesn't fear anyone. He will stand for his beliefs no matter what. He's true to his nature no matter the circumstances.
- Natural hunter. He has patience and a singular determination when it comes to achieving his goals. He's the type to ignore the reasons for backing out or backing down.
- Knows how to read his opponents and devise strategies.
- Fiercely protective and an excellent leader. Respectful of others but expects the same in return.

- Don't expect open arms from him. He's secretive and in no hurry to bare his soul to anyone.
- Keeps his emotions under control. Doesn't forgive meanness and insults easily. He has a long memory.
- Not the kind to give second chances to those who have seriously harmed/wronged him.
Hobbies & Interests - La Crosse: First game he learned on Earth, his adopted world, and still a favorite.
- Reading - history and philosophy are favorites but he is also a huge fan of mystery novels.
- Loves trying something new and a bit of an adrenaline junkie.
- Extreme camping. Spending time in nature recharges him in a way that nothing else does.
- Loves the theater. Always willing to watch a play. He has come to love movies as well.

Personal History Childhood Among the Raiders

In 2367, Ronan was born on Mesni IV, a pre-warp civilization that was just coming out of a primitive, nomadic existence and starting to settle down in communities. Because their hunters fought in animal form, without weapons, they were no match for the raiders who came to plunder a resource rich world and enslave its native population. Seen as novelties, the Mesni were treated more like intelligent pets than thinking beings; they did not adapt to captivity and fought back against their captors. Because the adults proved themselves to be aggressive, highly protective of their offspring, and impossible to train, they were killed and the youngest put into training with the idea of selling them off.

Unfortunately for the slavers, it also became clear that as the children reached puberty, they too became aggressive and fought for their freedom. Ronan was one such child. He remembers very little of his home world. He was trained to obey and kept in harnesses that prevented him from shifting back to his human form, often for days at a time. While he was brought literally to the brink of death more than once by this treatment, it did help him develop a greater tolerance for prolonged periods in one shape. Life as a slave leaves little time for a childhood and Ronan grew up quickly.

New Life on Earth

He was rescued from that life at the age of eight by an away team from a Starfleet vessel, the USS Ark Royal, who had been searching for a diplomat's daughter, one of the slavers' recent acquisitions. Even then, Ronan had a strongly protective streak and did what he could to help. They still talk from time to time.

He was brought to Earth and placed in a facility designed to help him heal and recover from the trauma he'd been through. Because his people had no language of their own, other than sign, Ronan spoke only Orion at the time of his rescue. He could neither read nor write. Under the guidance of a counselor, he was taught Federation Standard and started learning to read.

While trust was not something he gave easily, and he never did grow out of his need to sleep in his stronger, wolf form, he began to learn. With his education, for the first time in his life, he began to hope but it was nearly six months after rescue that he laughed for the first time. And while it surprised his counselor, it surprised Ronan even more. He was an intellectual sponge. He questioned everything, challenged beliefs and opinions, and slowly, painfully, came to terms with everything that had happened.

Life in the Channe Household

At the age of twelve, he was formally adopted by the counselor, Jamison Channe, who had been working with him the whole time. Jamison and his wife Emma were psychologists who lived in the San Francisco Bay area. Happy in their lives, they had never considered having children, and were already in their 50s when Ronan came to live with them. They took him to museums and the theater; on his vacations from school, they took trips. He found a love for camping and time spent away from the city. On his thirteenth birthday, a day they chose since he didn't know his own, he took their last name as his.

Those were happy years for Ronan. In his teens, he began to think about what his life would look like. Through the Channes, he had options and a greater universe to explore. The Channes had no expectations of him in that regard and he appreciated the freedom that gave him. Over and over, his thoughts returned to his years of slavery and the others he had seen there. While he had no memory of his parents, or really anyone from his home world, he remembered other slaves. The hopelessness and desperation they wore like funeral shrouds. What he wanted, he realized, was to help others and for himself, to see what else was out there. See the worlds and cultures he had read about. At the age of eighteen, he enrolled in Starfleet Academy.


While on board the USS Columbia and USS Columbia-A, Ronan met Baz'ra Jennings. Passionate and explosive, Baz was half-Kingon and half-Human; somehow, they connected and moved from acquaintances to lovers almost overnight.
Service Record 2367: Born on Mesni IV
2385: Enrolled in Starfleet Academy, Dual Major

Ronan enrolled in Starfleet Academy, Security Major. His instructors encouraged him to take a Minor in Command and he agreed. He excelled in combat scenarios and proved clever in his approach to situations. Training scenarios often focused on restraint and probed his ability to function in situations that resembled his early childhood.

2389: Graduated Starfleet Academy
2389: Assigned to USS Columbia

Graduated Starfleet Academy and was assigned as Assistant Chief of Security, USS Columbia. Ronan loved the aging vessel and worked hard. He was promoted to Chief of Security the following year.

2390: Promoted to Chief of Security, USS Columbia
2391: Promoted to Acting First Officer
2391: Columbia retired from service. Transferred to Columbia-A

Explosion in deep space kills the First Officer and most of the senior staff. Ronan is promoted to Acting First Officer. The aging USS Columbia is retired from active service. Captain Milo Ventris and crew are assigned to a new craft, a technology testbed, the USS Columbia-A. A chameloid agent, hired by persons unknown, kills one of the crew members and takes his place on board. When a bomb explodes, killing the First Officer and most of the senior staff, the chameloid escapes with classified data and Ronan is promoted to Acting First Officer.

The Captain orders pursuit of the fleeing shuttle that results in a battle with a pair of retrofitted warships, originally of Klingon design. The Columbia-A takes heavy damage and is forced to return to starbase for repairs. Captain Ventris faces court martial for his actions when evidence is given that he had been inebriated while on duty. Admitting to alcoholism under oath, Captain Ventris is reduced in rank, removed from command, and ordered into rehab.

2391: Promoted to First Officer, USS Columbia-A

After completion of extensive repairs, the USS Columbia-A, under the command of Captain William DeVries goes back into service. Ronan distinguishes himself as a sound tactician and capable leader and serves in that capacity until 2400.

Commander Milo Ventris requests reinstatement on board the Columbia-A. Having proven himself to be fully rehabilitated and having served time aboard other vessels, in lesser roles, his request is granted. He replaces Ronan as first officer.

2400: Milo Ventris requests reinstatement on board the Columbia-A

Commander Milo Ventris pulls a few strings and is granted reinstatement on board the Columbia-A. While his record has shown his willingness to do better, some say that he's looking to replace the aging Captain DeVries. He replaces Ronan as first officer.

2400: Assigned as Captain, USS Ohio

Species Physical Appearances

Species Name Mesni
Genders Male and Female
Age of Species Unknown